Meet the new bad girls of TV

Looking for racy entertainment? Steer away from Jersey Shore and tune into Niñas Mal, debuting Monday on Tr3s: MTV, Musica y Mas.

The sudser — yes, it has English subtitles! — is based on a 2007 movie following three teen rebels at a girls charm school.

Niñas Mal already aired in Latin America and was pretty hot stuff. It promises to be hot stuff here too, dealing with such themes as pregnancy, drugs and losing one’s virginity. We talked to two of the stars, Carmen Aub, 21, and Isabel Burr, 22. The Mexican hotties were in town to chat about the show.

Tell us about your characters:

IB: I play Adela, who grew up feeling very lonely, basically by herself. Her mother died very young, and her father is a very famous politician. She started acting very rebelliously — anything to get his attention, crazy stuff to freak him out. She has no fear and never accepts no for an answer. But I have a huge heart.

CA: My character Greta grew up in a wealthy family who was worried about what everyone thinks. She was living in a bubble. Now that she’s in the school for ladies, everything she thought was right is wrong. She has all this internal conflict because she wants to find herself. It’s a very confused, bipolar character.

Is there a lot of drama?

CA: Definitely. Destiny put these girls together in a house, and their different personalities cause a lot of conflict. Everyone has a different background.

How is this show different from other telenovelas?

IB: It’s pretty sexy. There are a few fantasy scenes when I had to take my top off but it was important to show my transformation into a woman.

CA: It’s very heartfelt. We talk about things that happen in real life — sex and pregnancy and drug addiction. We’re very open, and it’s a really cool, cutting edge soap opera.

What is the message?

CA: Teenagers go through a lot and need more communication with their parents. They don’t feel confident bringing up a lot of topics. We think this show could help families. The message is that everything you do has consequences, and you’re not alone.

How do you guys stay in shape?

: I just try to be healthy. I drink a lot of water and do a lot of yoga.

CA: I don’t drink soda at all. When I think I’m getting a belly I don’t eat two burgers. I’ll just have one and a salad. I cut my portions in half.


The show airs 7 p.m. Monday-Friday on Tr3s (Comcast, AT&T, Atlantic Broadband, DirecTV and Dish carry the station in Miami).


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