Marriage Ref Casting Call

With the divorce rate in Hollywood so high, it’s beyond bizarre that The Marriage Ref would be considered a reasonable forum for couples seeking to solve their long-standing marital issues. But if you and your spouse have enough of a sense of humor to not only laugh at your problems but laugh at the advice doled out by celebrities like Alec Baldwin (not exactly a relationship expert) then you are perfect candidates for the show.

Here is your chance to have a definitive winner declared in that argument about whether your mother meddles too much or if it’s normal for your husband to still sleep with a teddy bear. Head over to the Miami Home Design and Remodeling Show this weekend and see if your relationship drama makes for good TV. No problem is too small or too strange. Just tell the casting directors why you need a marriage ref to weigh in and declare a winner.
For more information contact the Casting Team at Casting@TheMarriageRef.TV. Include your contact info, photos and a paragraph about why you are the perfect couple for the show. Be sure to include a brief explanation about your arguments.


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