Mario Chalmers: It's going to be an exciting Miami Heat season

You’d think Mario Chalmers would be ready for his PGA card by now. On Monday, the Miami Heat point guard held his sixth annual golf tournament in Lawrence, Kansas, benefiting his namesake foundation and hanging out with his old college teammates from his days playing basketball with the University of Kansas. But Chalmers says pool is his game in the off-season. “I’m good with that kind of hand-eye coordination,” he said by phone. Hanging out at the billiard table isn’t exactly exercise so Chalmers has been hitting the gym for stretching and lifting. To stay lean and mean, he also started the Paleo diet, aka the “caveman diet.” Think meat, fish, nuts, veggies and seeds.

“Yeah, I’ll be staying away from pizza. That’s off limits,” the baller joked. “I want to see how I feel [without bread].” The Anchorage native is planning a vacation before training starts back up in September. Even though he calls Miami home, he wants to hit somewhere tropical and remote. “I like to relax and lay out,” said the athlete. “I don’t really go to the beach when I’m home because I don’t get much privacy. I get approached a lot.”

Other summer plans include attending the Aug. 30 nuptials of a certain teammate. “Yeah I’ll be going to D-Wade’s wedding [to Gabrielle Union],” confirmed Chalmers. “I got to look at the invitation to figure out what to get them for a present.” The party will be a reunion of sorts — ex star player LeBron James has RSVP’ed yes. “He’ll be back for that,” said Chalmers, adding that the boys will be fine without the King. “I think it’s going to be a very exciting season.”