Margaret Cho: from comedy to music

Margaret Cho is Team Bristol but not Team Sarah.

“I feel sorry for her,” Cho, 42, said of Bristol Palin, via phone. “It’s awful the way people talk about her body and her weight.”

The funny gal never pokes fun of a person’s dress size because “it hurts.”

Cho and the younger Palin — castmates on this season’s Dancing With the Stars — indulged in a blog war this week over comments the comedian made about the Palin matriarch.

“I’m not critical of Bristol. It’s her mother that I’m not a fan of,” Cho says. “People need to remember that she doesn’t support women’s rights or gay rights. She would be a really bad choice for president.”

On Saturday, Cho will perform some of her fave Palin cracks and other quips at the Fillmore Miami Beach.

The Grammy-nominated star (for her music/comedy album Cho Dependent) might even sing a song or two.

“Working on the album was a challenge. It took me about two years to learn how to play the guitar.”

Overall, Cho is happy she did it, calling making the album a “rewarding” experience, especially since she got to collaborate with such pals as Grant Lee Phillips, Ben Lee and Fiona Apple.

“I felt very safe [in the studio] and had a lot of people helping me. Everyone on the album is a good friend.”

But don’t expect Cho to quit her day job.

“It’s really wonderful to do things I like creatively, but I’m a comedian first, and I have to stay true to that.”


Margaret Cho, 8 p.m.; Fillmore Miami Beach;


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