Marc Anthony talks about ex wife Jennifer Lopez

Marc Anthony’s tour to promote his new salsa album “3.0” has kept him too busy to keep up with the latest celebrity gossip, even when it’s a juicy scoop about his ex-wife Jennifer Lopez. In an interview with Univision’s entertainment reporter Tony Dandrades, the Puerto Rican salsa crooner revealed that he hadn’t heard the news about John Dubis, the intruder who was camped out in the pool house of JLo’s new mansion in Southampton for a week. “I’m going to call her as soon as we’re done with this interview,” he told Dandrades. This kind of invasion of privacy is nothing new for the singer. “I’ve been dealing with this for 20 years,” he assures. “Most people are good, but some have bad intentions. Like once after a show, I returned to my hotel room and hear some giggling coming from under my bed. There were two girls there. They paid someone in the hotel.”