Made In Miami: the LED Suit

Leave it to someone living in Miami to come up with an LED Suit that lights up like glowsticks and is controlled by an iPhone.

Can you say perfect for a night at LIV or Space nightclubs?

Marc (we don’t know his last name because he didn’t reveal it online) is a self-proclaimed nerd who “thought it would be neat to have a full-body suit of LEDs that I could control to any color or pattern I wanted,” he wrote on his blog.

He used 160 LED lights at $4 each and built the suit before deciding it would be best to have the suit controled by an iPhone. So then it was time to design the App for that. 

Marc, who according to his Blogger profile is a 26 year old “engineer / software guy living in Miami”, is the co-creator of the Xachi Pet, an iPhone-interactive plush toy. “In my spare time I build crazy gadgets,” he wrote on his blog.


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