Did Machine Gun Kelly suffer a heart attack at South Florida concert?

Machine Gun Kelly startled fans over the weekend when he was forced to stop his show at Seminole Casino in Coconut Creek.

TMZ has video showing him on stage Saturday night holding onto a microphone stand while rapping to “Bad Things.” MGK faltered slightly as he clutches his chest, the walked off. Paramedics were called to the scene, treated him, and the hip hopper was cleared to return to perform.

The Ohio singer is just 27 years old (the night of the concert also happened to his  birthday) so hard to believe that it was a coronary issue, and apparently it wasn’t.

The entertainer born Colson Baker had been doing his own stunts for the upcoming move “Captive State,” and his reps told TMZ that he got punched in the chest repeatedly for his role in the sci fi flick set for release next year.

If you check his Twitter account, you see he wrote that he was hurting, posting on Friday: “still on set. got punched in the chest 65 times. pretty sure i can’t breathe. ready for this one to wrap.”

Camila Cabello and MGK’s RIAA platinum-certified “Bad Things” has been on the charts for weeks.

“He is doing fine now,” Machine Gun Kelly’s rep reports.

Indeed. On his Instagram, the young man is seen with his shirt wide open revealing numerous tattoos,  popping bottles at Scarlett’s Cabaret afterward with staffers. The caption: “think I found the source of why everyone missed their flights this morning. those bottles are as big as a human body.”

All’s well that ends well.


HIs Instagram explains the situation: “for those who saw the TMZ post, here is what happened last night: i took some serious damage to my chest plate/ribs this week and during our 6th song last night I collapsed backstage and thought i was having a heart attack. what they didn’t report, was that i went back out and finished that show cuz we’re f–in champions and it was my 27th birthday and nothing can take me away from the stage.”