Long Island Medium comes to James L Knight Center

If you’ve lost a loved one, you may want to head to the James L Knight Center Saturday. Theresa Caputo, star of The Long Island Medium, will be there to interact with the audience as well as departed spirits.

What will the show be like?

I come out and welcome everyone, I give a speech for about 15 minutes and tell people how I got to where I am. There are a lot of common questions. People are always wondering if I believe in heaven or if I have a religion or a faith.

How do you communicate with spirits?

I let them guide me. I knew at age 4 that I could speak to the dead. Not until I was 28 did I fully understand what I was blessed with. Sometimes I feel the way they passed. I feel like my throat is closing. They tell me they choked or were strangled or maybe even hung themselves.

What is your biggest challenge?

Learning how to make time for my family. I’d love to relax, too. I’d love to be 5’7 and 120 pounds but that ain’t happening!

Tickets: www.jlkc.com/events.php