Local singer survives on 'X Factor'

Simon Cowell has spoken.

The almighty judge of The X Factor chose the four bands who will get to compete in the show’s “Groups” category when the third season’s live shows begin later this month. Cowell’s selections ended the Fox reality competition’s new Four Chair Challenge Round.

Drum roll, please: Of the four bands Simon selected, Sweet Suspense, we’ve got local representation in the form of Miss Celine Polenghi, a 16-year-old from Key Biscayne.

“It’s very overwhelming, in a good way,” Celine says on the show’s website, thexfactorusa.com. “I’m still nervous. I don’t think I’ve really fathomed it all yet. I’m so excited, it’s so surreal.”

Her idol? Judge Demi Lovato, whom Celine’s looked up to since the star’s Camp Rock days.

Celine is a junior at Carrolton School of the Sacred Heart and grew up on the Key, studying at the island’s Center Tone Music School. She and the other SS members originally auditioned separately but the judges put them together to form a group. Sweet suspense is right! They will compete against the 12 artists who were previously selected in the “Girls,” “Boys,” “Over 25s” categories.