Local dating guru to appear on MTV's Made

What started out as a blog recounting her own adventures on the dating scene in South Florida quickly grew to Essentially Angela Inc., a full blown date coaching service that helps struggling singles navigate dating in the social media age. When producers at MTV’s Made stumbled across her blog posts, and subsequent weekly advice column on BocaMag.com, they knew that she was just the person to coach Emily—their latest character who was tired of always being the bridesmaid, and never the bride.

Over the course of 3 months of filming, Angela gave Emily a full dating makeover, addressing everything from insecurities with her appearance to tips on approaching the opposite sex. Lutin says, “Working with MTV gave me the opportunity to break Emily’s bad dating habits, gain self-confidence, and ultimately step outside her comfort zone in an effort to find love…we all remember being single in our twenties, and it was great to share the lessons that I’ve learned with Emily and see her evolve into someone who is ready to successfully date.” Angela’s Made episode will air on MTV on January 5th, 2013. For more information, visit essentiallyangela.com.