Local baker to appear on Food Network's Sugar Dome

Maite De Para is coming to The Sugar Dome! Each week, three teams comprised of artists from completely different disciplines enter the “Dome” to battle it out and create never-before-seen, food art masterpieces. Cake designers and sugar artists team up with professional fruit carvers, graffiti artists, sand sculptors and more for a delicious rollercoaster ride to compete for the champion title and a $15,000 prize. Food Network’s latest show/competitiion feautures the local baker, owner of Mighty Fine Cakes. De Para is true Miamian, born and raised. She’s also a mom and wife: married for 26 years with two kids, 23 and 14. De Para’s signature dish? Um, cake. And she works with area hotels and retail to the public. “My experience on the show was great,” she tells Miami.com. “It was extremely scary and the premiere show brought a lot of memories back [but] I had a wonderful time.” She explains that her team consisted of two other gentlemen. “At the end of the competition we were also able to share stories with our competitors and learned that everybody we met (who we competed with) were all very nice,” she says. Tune in 8 p.m. Sunday to see how she fares.