Local actress costars in Parental Guidance

Apple-cheeked Bailee Madison is entering that first potential pitfall for a child actor — adolescent roles. She told the Orlando Sentinel it’s “a tricky transition, moving into teen roles.” She and her “team” are “holding out for wholesome, family films. So it’s not easy. Parental Guidance lets her grow up a little. Madison has a recurring role, as the younger version of Ginnifer Goodwin’s Snow White on TV’s Once Upon a Time, and a few other performances in the can or in the works. “At my age, I’m learning so much that when a movie comes out that I shot two, three years ago, I kick myself. ‘If only I’d shot it last year, then I would have known how to do this thing better, or that one, better.’” The Fort Lauderdale native hopes to maintain a career but says she is “very lucky to have come this far.”


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