Local actor talks 'Moms Night Out'

Even though he co-stars in a Hollywood movie with Patricia Heaton, Trace Adkins and Sean Astin, Robert Amaya is keeping it real in the 305. Amaya, who lives in the Kendall area, plays Marco, a befuddled dad in Moms’ Night Out, a so-called faith-based momedy about what happens when fathers are left to take care of the kids while the wives — friends from the local congregation — play. Amaya, who moved to South Florida at age 10 from L.A. — “My mom preferred hurricanes to earthquakes” — could relate to his character. “I think Marco is a physical representation of every fear a father has,” says the married dad of a 5-year-old girl, Sophia. “As for me, one day I was playing video games, the next I was changing diapers.” Fatherhood, albeit a “wonderful adventure,” can be expensive, especially when you’re buying paraphernalia for a certain popular Disney movie. “Oh my goodness! I bought every single dress and toy from Frozen,” jokes Amaya, who went to Westminster Christian School. “I think I supported Walt Disney for a month!”