LeBron Voyage: A Fond Miami Farewell to LeBron James, a Legend Off the Court, Too

LeBron James has packed his bags and is taking his talents back to Cleveland. But what a fun four years in Miami it’s been – almost like the college years he never had when he jumped straight from high school to the pros. 

Herewith are King James’ Top 6 off-court moments while he reigned in Miami.

1. Escorting the King
Gliding across the Golden Glades, parting the I-95 traffic like the Red Sea, led by police escort to the Jay Z / Justin Timberlake concert last August. But the police escort didn’t help cruise James through the backlash he received after Instagramming it to the rest of the world still stuck in traffic.
2. Singing King
It’s hard to decide which, er, “Performance” was better — the Game 7 of the 2013 NBA Finals against San Antonio or King James channeling his inner American Idol at one of many so called singing events. From duetting with Dwyane Wade on ‘Blurred Lines’ at the 2014 Battioke charity event thrown by teammate Shane Battier to serenading MC Kitchen chef/owner/Heat superfan Dena Marino with the Shai classic ‘If I Ever Fall In Love’, we do know he’s definitely not going to The Voice anytime soon.

3. Hungry King
Dinner at Zuma. Dinner at Prime 112. Zuma. Prime. Now those are tough decisions.

4. Proposing King
New Year’s Eve 2012 LeBron decided to pop the question to his true running mate – Savannah Brinson – and get a head start on his first ring. At a private dinner with his Heat teammates at the Shelborne Hotel on South beach, LeBron got down on one knee, asked for Savannah’s hand, and his baby mama said yes.

5. Bicycling King
Who says the King needs his coach? During the 2012 Miami Marathon, traffic was so backed up LeBron decided to ride a bike to the AmericanAirlines Arena from his Coconut Grove home in order to make it on-time for a Sunday 3:30 p.m. game against the Chicago Bulls.

6. Partying King
The King sure knew how to celebrate after a championship. In 2012 the party was at LIV nightclub, where LeBron and teammates spent over $200,000 in champagne, including the legendary Ace of Spades. James even jumped on stage and started singing and rapping to the crowd. In 2013, after the second NBA title, the party was at Story nightclub and while they popped bottles of Dom, they didn’t exceed the large tab from the year before. But the King did have food delivered from nearby Prime 112.

Bonus. Mama King
Not all James’s extracurriculars were about him. Who can forget that time his mama, Gloria, belted the valet at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach in what can only be described as a calamity of Real Housewives proportions? (The charge was later dropped.) Since LeBron is gone, can we keep her at least?