LeBron James plays Hulk

Hulk Hogan and LeBron James – what do they have in common? Their sports – “pro” wrestling and basketball, respectively – are sooo different, right? Maybe not so much. Check out a new video posted on YouTube. It’s a re-creation of Hulk’s departure from working class hero to New World Order (NWO) villain in the 1990s. He and his mat colleagues Kevin Nash and Scott Hall were the antiheroes in the world of wrestling for a time — kind of like a certain threesome in today’s basketball arena.

In a newish video on YouTube, a sports fan/mastermind has superimposed the head of James onto Hogan during his emancipation proclamation with his pals Nash and Hall being “played” by Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh.

James starts out by beating the Cleveland Cavaliers canine mascot to a pulp. Then the emcee – who carries the big head of Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert – chides James, telling him “for you to join up with the likes of these two men absolutely makes me sick to my stomach”

Classic for sports fans but entertainment for anybody who has watched this soap opera slash comedy play out in Miami before the threesome signed onto the Heat. We love the smiley Bosh in a cowboy hat and the Cheshire Cat grin on Wade, who kicks a Cavaliers fan.

The three minute clips ends with Hulk/James screaming, “I made people rich up there -and when it all came to pass the man got bigger than the whole organization, brother.”



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