Lady Gaga vs. Eminem

Word is Eminem has surpassed Lady Gaga on Facebook.

According to, the rapper beat Gaga on the online site by 50,000, racking up 28,982,205 “likes.” That’s compared to her 28,930,299.His popular vote halts her eight-month stint as the most “liked” Facebook celeb. She was one of the first to have more than 10 million friends. But there’s hope. According to People, Gaga is the leader in Twitter and YouTube followers.

Back on the chain gang

Charlie Sheen doesn’t care what his boss says.

Even though CBS stopped production of Two and a Half Men, the actor — who went on a rampage against the show’s creator Chuck Lorre – plans on heading back to the studio.

From his playboy vacay in the Bahamas, the bad boy sent a text to ABC’s Good Morning America stating that he’s 100 percent sober and plans to be on the set Tuesday, the date he was originally supposed to return.

Together again

Talk about wearing your heart on your sleeve. David Arquette wants to get back together with Courteney Cox.

“I want her to be happy,” he said Thursday on The Oprah Winfrey Show. “If me being the best person I can be doesn’t make her happy in a partner, in who she needs, whatever she’s looking for, that’s still to be answered.”

Of his estranged marriage, he doesn’t know it can be repaired but says, “I’d love for it to work out.”

CNN host leaving

Just four months after her highly publicized debut hosting a primetime CNN talk show, conservative columnist Kathleen Parker has walked the plank. CNN announced Friday that Parker is leaving the show she co-hosted with hooker-friendly former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer. It’s not clear whether Parker jumped or was pushed. What is clear: The show’s ratings were abysmal. Its has 21 percent fewer viewers than the program it replaced, which was hosted by now-departed CNN anchor Campbell Brown. Replacing Parker: Former Fox News anchor E.D. Hill and former National Review columnis Will Cain.

Glenn Garvin


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