Kellan Lutz visits Best Buddies while in town

Earlier Friday, actor Kellan Lutz visited Best Buddies participants and students at Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart, where he gave a brief speech and posed for photos.

Lutz congratulated the all-girls’ school on being active in community service projects and encouraged them to get behind a cause they’re passionate about. The actor/model also challenged them to use social media to help spark change and make their voices heard.

He spoke about another cause he is committed to, Saving Innocence, which aims to rescue and restore child victims of sex trafficking. Best Buddies Founder and Chairman Anthony K. Shriver and his buddy Jorge Morilla also spoke to the girls about the Best Buddies mission of friendship, jobs, and leadership, as well as the hurtful effects the R-word (retard(ed)) has on people with disabilities.

The students then signed the Spread the Word to End the Word banner, pledging to stop the use of the offensive word. Lutz then posed for a photo with each Best Buddies participant and student in the room; needless to say, this made their day.