Kathy Griffin Loves Life on the D List

Kathy Griffin promises to entertain the crowd at the Seminole Hard Rock in Hollywood on Wednesday, Aug. 11.

Her shtick is fresh. Really.

“I want readers to know when they come see me live it’s not stuff you’ve seen in my specials,” Griffin promises. “In this economy, I feel strongly if you’re laying out money for tickets you deserve to see the new and exciting.”

Just don’t let your prude flag fly.

“If you’re someone who’s debating coming to the show, thinking, ‘She’s so offensive and swears so much, and I love my Bible,’ at least know I will be devoting a chunk of my show to my 90-year-old alcoholic mother.”

Maggie Griffin, who has come out with a book called “Tip It – a guide to enjoying life through a box of wine …” is always a hit in her daughter’s act.

“We will be giving Maggie updates. Because if there’s one thing I’ve learned, people like me, but they really love my mother.”

Also expect the former Suddenly Susan star, 49, to rib all her favorite celebrities as well as (ahem) buddies like Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who recently called the comic “scum” for saying Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown‘s daughters were prostitutes.

Just a day in the life.

“I love any kind of scandal. It was nothing but a pleasure for me to be called scum by Elisabeth because actually my ratings for My Life on the D-List went up 19 percent after that,” Griffin says. “I live for these people who are well known – whether they’re political figures, or Mel Gibson, Kate Gosselin or the Lohans.”

You can bet Lindsay and her recent troubles will make the cut.

“Of course!” the Chicago native says. “There are no bad Lohans when it comes to comedy.”

More fodder: the always reliable headline grabber Levi Johnston.

“My ex fiance is always a very emotional topic for me,” says the comedienne, who put out a YouTube video of her crying over his Playgirl spread. “It’s still very raw, and I’m sure relatable for anyone who’s been in a place of genuine heartache.”


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