Kate Beckinsale in Miami talking latest ‘Underworld’

She’s bacccckkkk. Kate Beckinsale is reprising her role of fierce vampire slayer (aka death dealer) Selene in “Underworld: Blood Wars,” the fifth film in the action horror series that kicked off in 2003 with her estranged husband Len Wiseman at the helm. While in Miami for a press tour, the 43-year-old, Oxford-educated British actress (“Pearl Harbor, “Serendipity,” “Click”) discussed what it was like stepping back into tight, black leather outfit again.

This movie was visually stunning. What did you think of the final product?

Seeing it all come together is kind of cool. One of the features of the “Underworld” franchise is that we try to go as light on the CGI [computer-generated imagery] as possible. We try never to be in a position of being in an empty room with, like, a tennis ball and a stick. The [crew] try to do as much as they practically can. You tend to shoot the fight scenes in smaller bits. It does make a huge difference.

What was it like shooting in the Czech Republic?

We were pretty lucky because obviously there are so many locations that were just sort of perfect the way they were to create this underworld — the castles, the caves. We built the ice structure by ourselves as you can’t rely on that element staying the same. But all the interiors were real.

How is No. 5 different from the other movies?

The stakes are the highest they’ve been, and probably Selene is the most emotionally connected she’s ever been and the world has really expanded. I think “Blood Wars” kind of respects the mythology of the first one. The world has really opened up. And this is the first one to be directed by a female [Anna Foerster], which seems kind of appropriate. It’s about time.

Did you ever think back 13 years ago you’d be sitting here?

No, because first of all, it’s an original movie and I don’t think it would have gotten made anyway now because everything has to have a video game or board game attached to it. There was no real map for it. I was expecting to be fired the first week. I’d never done anything like that. It was not at all my speed. It’s kind of wild.