Kardashians in Miami Beach, opening new store

The Kardashians have taken over the Versace Mansion! Well, for a little while. The ladies are in town to open their latest DASH boutique on 6th and Collins Avenue, and that’s where the reality sisters are laying their heads. Kim was spotted by paparazzi running into the infamous home on Ocean Drive and got so rattled, she dropped her cellphone. The horror!

Kim definitely has been logging some time doing cardio — or something.

She posted some sexy bikini selfies on her Instagram account Wednesday, revealing in the caption that she had stolen her little sister Kylie’s bikini.

Khloe tweeted out pictures from the lavish crib, with the caption: “Versace Versace Versace!”

Later that night,  Kim, Khloe and Kourtney set up a red carpet outside the store and did the requisite posing, but no one was smiling much, more like pouting. Could their personal lives be affecting their public ones? That’s not the Kardashian way!

Kim’s two piece chain mail dress got a lot of attention, and not the positive kind.