JWoww's new set of rules

It’s good to be JWoww. Jersey Shore is still a hit – season 4 is headed to Italy, and her new book, The Rules According to JWOWW: Shore-Tested Secrets on Landing a Mint Guy, Staying Fresh to Death, and Kicking the Competition to the Curb (William Morrow) is probably gonna do real well. She’s tough as nails but soft in love. In the book, JWOWW – who has a new boyfriend – recounts “never-before-shared anecdotes” and informs readers about “what she has learned about men, sex, smackdowns and standing up for yourself.”

She told Miami.com that timing is everything. “In my past relationships, and my girlfriends’, they’ll find the guy physically of the dreams. But the guys mentally aren’t ready. You end up getting cheated on and lied to. It’s trying to mold someone into something that they’re not.”

You should also be on equal playing ground with your partner. “If you’re working 45 hours a week and you have a career and you meet a guy who’s living with his mom and doesn’t really know what he’s doing in life but he looks good, how is that gonna work?”

Other tips:

Don’t wear a granny on your fanny: “You never want to be caught with unflattering lingerie.”

Hair belongs on your head, no one else: “Laser, waxing, general upkeep.” If you want someone that is in your eyes perfect you’ve got to work on yourself.

GTL? “We switch up GTL to GTS – to gym, tan, shopping.”

Kiss his mother’s a-s: “Family will be there. It’s never good to be disrespectful to them. They could make or break your relationship.”