Justin Bieber won't respond to a subpoena for video deposition

Hard to believe, but for once teen pop sensation Justin Bieber doesn’t want to be on video. Bieber, 19, has told the Miami paparazzo who accused him of siccing his bodyguards on him in June that he won’t respond to a subpoena for a video deposition here in November. So Russell Adler, the shutterbug’s lawyer, filed paperwork in a Miami-Dade County court to force Bieber to sit down for what could turn out to be a media circus deposition. A judge is expected to sort things out in a hearing Tuesday in downtown Miami. The case file shows Adler now wants to grill Bieber sometime in January near his home in Los Angeles. Why wait until January? The Biebs is traveling all over the world for concerts and won’t be back until late December. “We requested a court order to compel Mr. Bieber to testify because I’m skeptical he’ll appear without a firm court order,” Adler said. “I don’t want to go to L.A. without the assurance that he’ll show up.” Photographer Jeffrey Binion is seeking millions in punitive damages for a strange incident outside a Miami recording studio in which Binion was allegedly assaulted by Bieber’s armed security team and robbed of his camera’s memory card.