Justin Bieber hangs at Mansion

In this voyeuristic age of Instagram, this confessional TMI age of Twitter, it’s hard to keep some things under wraps. Take, for instance, Friday night’s D’USSÉ Cognac Jay-Z after party at Mansion, a booze-sponsored party not just for those “on the list,” but for those 21 and over, as is always the case at the South Beach hot spot. When the concert wrapped up at Sun Life Stadium late Friday night, there was buzz in the Twittersphere that Justin Bieber, 19, was planning on showing up to pay his homage to Jay-Z at Mansion. Reps for the liquor company quickly tried to erase any signs of that by deleting some of their own tweets making mention of this very likely possibility. Then Bieber put out a picture on Instagram and blew the whole thing wide open. Good going, Biebs, whose own people tried to underplay his law-breaking by emphasizing that he was only drinking water. As for Mansion, we’ve been told by their people time and time again that there are bigger issues in clubland than the presence of one under aged teenage pop tart. Before social media projectile vomited itself all over modern civilization, Lindsay Lohan drinking “water” in a South Beach club VIP room was much easier to keep hush hush than it is today.

A rep for Bacardi, who asked to remain anonymous told us “We can’t promote 18 year olds being in the club because it would get them fined.”