Juliette Lewis: rocker girl

Juliette Lewis gets to live in both worlds … as movie star and rock star. The actress, 37, is set to perform before Thursday night’s Bears-Dolphins game with her L.A. thrasher band The Licks. But it’s not like she’s given up her day job. In this year alone, Lewis has been busy doing both comedy (costarring as Jennifer Aniston’s pal in The Switch) and drama ( as real-life witness Roseanna Perry in Conviction). Again, Lewis is creating Oscar talk for the latter role; almost 20 years ago she was nominated for her turn as a naive teen in 1991’s Cape Fear. We all know Lewis … who will be next seen in The Hangover 2 … can act, but her music is pretty serious, too, as tailgaters will see. The Licks are the scheduled entertainment; Lewis will get an assist from Joe Perry of Aerosmith. “Each audience is different. They might not know who I am, as a musician. But I’m going to get them up on their feet. That’s what I do,” Lewis said.


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