Joe Pepitone biopic penned by local screenwriters

Little Studio Films has optioned the rights to the sex-filled, sports biopic feature, “JOE, YOU COULDA MADE US PROUD,” based on best-selling book on the life of former New York Yankee star Joe Pepitone and will be shopping it on the Croisette during the 2015 Cannes Film Festival.

The adapted screenplay was written by So Flo natives A.J. Ferrara and Amy Demner, after the book rights were originally optioned by Ferrara’s production company, Magic City Pictures, from Mr. Pepitone in 2014.

The proposed feature film will be co-produced by Alexia Melocchi and Alexandra Yacovlef of Little Studio Films and Magic City Pictures. The story follows Pepitone’s search for the love and acceptance he never received from a nurturing yet abusive father and down a path of self-destruction and sex addiction before there was such a term.

The project, which Melocchi calls, “The Fifty Shades of Grey in sports” and “a ground breaking, raw but hilarious look at a truly flawed, tragic athlete” is currently out to directors and financiers, in conjunction with the book’s 40 th anniversary re-release by Skyhorse Publishing. Pepitone, 74, still lives in New York and works for the Yankees in public relations.