Joanna Krupa: I need to spice up my marriage

Joanna Krupa and Romain Zago may be newlyweds but there doesn’t seem to be much spark left. The Real Housewives of Miami star is yet again complaining about her lack of a sex life. TMI alert! She complained that she wasn’t getting enough physical affection in season 2, and in a new interview with Life & Style, the model opens up about her ongoing intimacy issues.

“He can go forever without it. Then when we have a conversation, it turns into an argument,” she says. “He doesn’t feel anything is wrong — and I just want to be thrown down.” The lack of bedroom time is troubling for the gorgeous Pole. “Of course his lack of interest in sex had me question if he was cheating,” she tells L&S. They have since sought treatment. “I now feel that the issue of him not caring to have sex as much as I do has to come from his childhood.” They now set times for fun. “Sometimes it’s once a week, sometimes every other week, sometimes every three weeks,” she reveals. “I just want to feel the passion.”