Jimmy Buffett's buddy

When he first dined with Jimmy Buffett, Ilo Ferreira had no clue who the Margaritaville man was. They met in 2007 in Ferreira’s hometown, Cape Verde off the west coast of Africa, at a dinner hosted by the U.S. Embassy. “I was seated in the middle of the group and we were talking. He seemed really nice and I couldn’t tell that he was so famous. It was pretty cool.” After the feast, Buffett and his band went to party at a local club frequented by Ferreira and other local musicians. “We were playing our music and then Jimmy got onstage with us.” Some months later, Buffett asked Ferreira to join him on tour. in Boston. He has been playing with him ever since. “At first, I was nervous to be in front of 50,000 people. But you gotta do what you gotta do. It was then that I realized how many fans he had.” Call it a perfect match. between the two musicians. Parrotheads will tell you Ferreira’s upbeat sound, soothing voice and guitar beats sync naturally with Buffett’s tropical tunes. On Sunday, Ferreira will perform with R&B singer Howard Hewett at the Titans-Dolphins pregame tailgate concert. “I’m a soccer guy and didn’t know much about football when I first moved here,” he says. “It’s a little competitive and violent, but really fun.” Can we expect Buffett to appear at the game? “He might, he might not. But that would be really crazy if he showed up!”


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