Jersey Belle star Jaime Sullivan in Miami

In a city that hardly ever sleeps, coffee isn’t just for the morning. On Saturday night at Lou La Vie showroom downtown, a few revelers traded mojitos for cafe con leches at a party celebrating the launch of Keurig’s newest brewing system, 2.0 (in which you can make a carafe, not only a cup, of joe). Jamie Foxx hosted and performed , while Miami’s hardest working spinmaster — DJ Irie — was responsible for the music and Bravo’s “Jersey Belle” star Jaime Primak Sullivan held court while getting her caffeine on. “I used to be a mean girl,” said the Alabama based Bravo star, “but I really have changed so much. I want to open up conversations with women. I am no longer in that mindset.” Sullivan was at the coffee related bash to discuss her Cawfee Tawks video posts on social media, aiming to not only bond females but to empower them.