Jeffrey Donovan's dulcet tones

If you’ve seen a commercial for Jackson Memorial Hospital lately, you may recognize a familiar voice. We’ll give you a hint: It’s deep, articulate, erudite with a Massachusetts accent. Guessed yet? No other than Burn Notice star Jeffrey Donovan. If you’re not a TV person, check out the spot online at It’s notable not so much for the hospital itself (think of it as you will) but for the stylish direction of local filmmaker Justin Dec, who has worked on such shows as CSI: Miami and Dexter. If you’re the kind of person who tears up at ketchup ingredients, watch out. Donovan speaks over images of patients recovering with moving music and intense prose like, “I am the one who steps forward when others step back – I am always here for you, to help and to heal. I will pick you up when you need it, and though I do not walk in your footsteps, I will walk by your side. I am Jackson.”


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