A look back at Jazid’s best moments (before it closes forever)

Patrick Prince at Jazid. Photo: Joshua Prezant

ICYMI: Miami Beach nightclub Jazid is being sold. The 21-year-old live music venue is set to pass hands from longtime owner Daniel Wohlstein to an unknown French buyer in early July, leaving us with nothing but nostalgia for the little nightclub that outlasted almost every other venue in South Beach (except Mango’s) and acted as a musical incubator for local bands.

Many people have fond memories of Jazid, but no one has better memories than Wohlstein himself. We asked him to reminisce about the best ones although he admitted, “It’s very hard to remember with so many years and such a low profile place.” He did a fine job recollecting. 

1. That time Prince showed up

That time Prince played JazidDaniel Wohlstein

“Who can forget Prince showing up in 2007 on Wednesday and deciding to play with Locos por Juana, then suddenly showing again on saturday and playing with Suenalo?”

2. Hair bands made an appearance

Zeke Maniera jams at Jazid in Miami Beach. Photo: Joshua Prezant.

“Ratt was in town for a cruise and they stopped by to play ‘Round and Round.’ Also, Metallica came in after getting tattoos next door at Miami Ink.”

3. Almost famous

Spam All Stars were Jazid regulars.

Not everyone was famous, but many emerged famous. Says Wohlstein, “We had so many celebrities, from Shakira and Ricky Martin to Fito Paez, and so many more. But, the real magic of that place were the artists that use to play, the ones that started there. Spam Allstars played every Wednesday for nearly 10 years, Locos Por Juana on Wednesdays for about 7 years. Bands that started at Jazid. Afrobeta played for the first time at jazid. Bachaco too. Suenalo started playing as an open mic on Sundays. Mayday was doing an open mic on mondays and playing every Friday. They are all big, local bands today.”

4. Lebo

Lebo created this logo for Jazid.

Not all artists sang: One of Wohlstein’s fondest memories was the time pop artist Lebo painted the entire club. “He’s a great friend of Jazid.”

5. Theme nights that lasted


Rose Max was a regular at Jazid’s Brazilian night.

“Brazilian night with Rose Max on the last Wednesday of every month ran for 15 years. Reggae night on Sundays ran for 10 years with Lance-O. “

6. The soloists

Nicole Henry is a Jazid alum as well.

“[New Zealand jazz musician] Charmaine Ford, also Nicole Henry, Nicole McCloud, they were incredible.” McCloud, incidentally, also goes by the name Lillie, and was a big star from season 3 of the now defunct American version of “The X Factor.”