Jason Derulo at war with American Airlines

Jason Derulo is at war with American Airlines.

On Wednesday, the “Talk Dirty to Me” singer posted a picture on his Instagram account of an unknown airline employee with the caption: “I spent millions on your airline throughout the past ten years between myself and my entire staff but have still experienced racial discrimination today at miami airport!!!” Derulo raged on the social media site. “Called 15 police officers on me as if I’m a criminal! It’s not ok that when you find out who I am the gears change!”

We immediately checked TMZ for details, and apparently Derulo and an entourage of EIGHT arrived to Miami International Airport late for a flight to L.A. In total they had 19 bags to check.

The pop star, a member of AA’s elite Concierge Key member, confirmed to People.com that it was decided that one person from the group decided to stay behind, check the luggage and take the next flight. Concierge Key members get three checked bags for free, but 19’s a tad, um, overboard, so Derulo asked to deplane. And that’s when things got nasty.

Derulo recounted to People that the captain came out of the cockpit and began cursing at him and his pals.

“That was really upsetting to me because I felt like he was trying to make it seem like we were delinquents, and he was kicking us off the plane, when it was us that asked to get off the plane.”

When Derulo & co. were back on the ground, he says he was surrounded by 15 officers and it was “embarrassing.” 

A police report says that an attendant told cops that Derulo and his crew “smelled of marijuana and were getting aggressive” during check-in.

In a statement, AA says Flight 275 “returned to the gate prior to departure. A passenger elected to deplane in order to travel with their checked bags. The passenger has been rebooked with his checked bags on a later flight this evening.”

Interesting to see if Derulo gets some free miles out of this debacle.