Jamie Kennedy going green

You could call actor/comedian Jamie Kennedy an eco-friendly kind of guy. Although he admits to owning a Bentley, the Scream star says when he’s in L.A., his ride of choice is a Vespa scooter: “It still takes gas, but at least it’s less.”

We chatted with the 40-year-old star, who was in town for the Lexus’ Darker Side of Green soiree held at Grand Central nightclub. The party featured free Patron tequila drinks and a lively (and often comical) debate between environmental authors Amanda Little and Chris Horner.

Kennedy, who served as moderator, said he’s all for going green. “I try not to use too much water when I’m brushing my teeth, and I recycle at home.”

One day he’d like to own a solar-powered house. “There are some really cool houses being built in California right now.”

So we know he separates paper from plastic, but what about those Scream 4 rumors? “I was talking to [screenwriter] Kevin Williamson the other day, and he told me, ‘You’re still dead.’ So as much as people say I’m coming back, I think I’m dead.”

He’s single now but is still a fan of ex, Jennifer Love Hewitt. “We’re still good friends. I’ll always have a soft spot for Love.” He even doubles as her publicist: “Did you know she had the second highest-rated movie on cable last night?” (He’s referring to Lifetime’s Client List ).

The die-hard Lakers fan says all eyes are on Miami right now. “I’m scared Lebron [James] is going to call Kobe [Bryant]!” he said. “Peyton Manning’s gonna come down here and play, too!”

Jokes aside, he’s happy for us Heat fans. “It’s great for you guys and for the economy here. You’re going to become the epicenter of the sports and pop cultural world.”


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