Customers kvetch: Morgue-like Epicure Market out of Passover basics.

UPDATE: Epicure responded to this note with the following statement:

“Our food is never pre-packaged or frozen and prepared fresh daily. This year we have prepared more traditional favorites than ever before and are pleasantly surprised to have been selling out of these items. Be on the lookout for Epicure’s signature holiday classics this week as we continue to restock daily.”  

Although its Sunny Isles sibling recently closed and the Coral Gables location closed in 2015, South Beach’s original Epicure Market was always the place to go for holidays.

But with Passover here today, the store looks as if it’s not only been passed over by customers, but the traditionally Jewish market with what used to be some of the best matzo ball soup this side of Grandma’s house seems to be giving a pass to the Jewish holiday as well. Kvetched our spy who was in there earlier, “We can’t even get the basics there–NO macaroons, NO kugel, NO noodle pudding. It’s a shanda.” And from locusts to crickets, said spy also likened the once bustling market to a ‘morgue.’  We’ll see if the plague that felled its siblings passes over this spot, but word on the street is that the market won’t last the summer. And Trader Joe’s isn’t even slated to open around the corner until the latter half of 2018. Stay tuned.