Iggy Pop rocks new clothing line

Get ’em while they’re hot! Punk-hard rocker Iggy Pop has very temporarily turned clothing designer. The 67-year-old Miami resident teamed up with Sailor Jerry Clothing to release his limited edition so-called Flash Collection. (“Flash” is tattoo speak for the images that clients pick out on paper before going through the permanent process).

We’re talking just three items — a denim vest, leather belt and patches inspired by late Hawaii-based tattoo artist Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins, who got his nickname from inking his fellow sailors while in the Navy. Collins was also a mentor for Ed Hardy. The former Stooges frontman (who was chosen due to his “rebellious approach to life,” says the company) made the rounds:

How did you first get involved with this venture?

Well, I’m not a fashion designer, but I’d known about Norman Collins’ work, plus my dad served. I had some exposure with the tattoo culture, growing up in Michigan and had a couple of friends who were bikers. I thought, ‘Let me put my two cents in here.’ I also loved Sailor Jerry’s ad for their spiced rum; that’s kind of what got me hooked. The TVEye spot plays Outside the Lines by the original Stooges. It was great to get that song exposed. I mean you’re not going to hear that on Kiss FM! They hired nonactors kind of freaking out to the music in a way of which I approve.

Do you actually have any tattoos?

You know, I can appreciate them, but I never wanted to get tatted myself. It’s not right on me. I’ve got my own scars.

How do you like living in Miami?

There are a lot of beautiful nooks and corners in this town. I came down here in 1970 for an Edgar Winter concert; he and I were talking about maybe hooking up. But soon as I got here, my eyes just popped. I thought, ‘How can I get back to this place?’ It was just wonderful. It was different back then. South Beach, especially. All those old people were effing great. I started coming down in the mid-’90s, then finally planted some stakes.

Shop for Iggy’s collection at on www.sailorjerryclothing.com