Despite social media rumors, you still have time to charge your phone before Irma hits

Florida Power & Light says it will shut down its two nuclear power plants — including this one at Turkey Point — before Hurricane Irma’s high winds reach the area, but plans to keep its natural gas plants operating unless winds hit 100 mph. Emily Michot

A viral Facebook post indicated that Florida Power & Light would be shutting down power before Hurricane Irma arrives, but that’s not the case, the company said.

The post attributed the news to local Fox affiliate WSVN Channel 7 and says that as the massive storm makes it way closer to Florida, customers won’t have power.

Alert channel 7 just informed that FPL will be shutting down the electricity power, once the hurricane gets closer, to be able to keep anything from damaging and be able to turn it back on once the storm is over!! Please, if you haven’t charged your things up now, do it before they do this. COPY AND PASTE,” the post reads.


The company said that isn’t the case and that it plans to continue providing power before, during and after the storm.


“To be clear, FPL has no plans to shut down power to its customers. In fact, we have adequate power to continue serving all customers. After the storm hits, our crews will begin working to restore power as soon as conditions are safe,” the company said in a statement.

FPL did announce Friday that it plans to shut down its two nuclear power plants — Turkey Point in Homestead and St. Lucie Nuclear Plant near Fort Pierce — 24 hours before hurricane-force winds hit the area and throughout the storm.

The company plans to continue operating its natural gas plants during the storm, as long as it is safe and below 100 mph winds, and to get them back online as soon as possible if it shuts them down, FPL president Eric Silagy said at a press conference.

“Once restoration begins in earnest, our goal is to get as many customers up and running as soon as possible and we will not stop until all power is restored,” the company’s statement said.

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