Don’t do these dumb things after a hurricane

Cars goes through a flood caused by heavy rains at North Bay Road and West 21st St. in Miami Beach on Tuesday, Aug. 1, 2017. Miami Herald file

Hurricane Irma has come and gone leaving about 2 million South Floridians without power, countless downed trees blocking roads and schools closed indefinitely until the area gets back on its feet. Since we already told you all the things you shouldn’t do before and during a hurricane, here is a list of the post-hurricane fails to avoid as you get back on your feet. 

1. If you lost power, don't assume all the food in the fridge is safe to eat

What creepy bacteria await you in your improperly refrigerated condiments? Lord only knows.

Even if you didn’t open the door to your refrigerator once after you lost power, some of the stuff in there just needs to be tossed. For a complete list of what you can and cannot eat, click here.

2. Don't drive through deep puddles

Cars goes through a flood caused by heavy rains at North Bay Road and West 21st St. in Miami Beach on Tuesday, Aug. 1, 2017. Miami Herald file

You like your car, right? If you drive it through a deep puddle there are few things that could happen:

  • Your car stalls out because the engine floods.
  • You drive over some tire-popping debris.
  • A down electrical cable is hidden underneath.

All of these are bad, so if you see a giant puddle, reroute.

3. Don't run a generator inside the house

You don’t want to be sucking down noxious fumes all day, friends.

How many times does someone have to tell folks this? Carbon monoxide is a lethal gas. Keep your generators outside of your house in a well ventilated area so you don’t end up sucking up noxious fumes. Miami already has one reported death from a person who ran a generator inside their home. Please, don’t.

4. Don't use charcoal barbecue grills indoors

If you have a charcoal grill, keep it outside. Honestly, I don’t know who has a charcoal grill these days, but if you do, cook outside. It was meant to be used outside. Charcoal grills can also create lethal levels of carbon monoxide.

5. Don't just turn everything on at once when power returns

Remember how you were flipping all the switches to see if you really really lost power? Flip them all to the off position, except maybe one or two lights that will alert you that power has been restored. Turn on major appliances one at a time, also, so you don’t overload the system.

6. Be careful during clean up

You’d feel really bad if you survived a terrifying storm only to have a giant tree branch fall on your head as you are clearing out your yard. Put on work gloves, don’t climb ladders without a spotter, be careful using power tools, wear thick boots and hire someone who knows what they are doing if the job is too big.

7. Again, don't use candles

Candles, like these Princess Diana commemorative candles, are pretty but they are not as safe as flashlights during a power outage after a hurricane.Frank Augstein AP

Do you want to accidentally set your house on fire? Nope. Get some flashlights like that nice lady on the news said before the storm.