FPL promises your power will be back by Sunday night — with one catch

I could watch them fix cables all day.

If you’re still sweating in the dark and fretting about when your power will finally be restored, take heart: Florida Power & Light Co. has doubled-down on its promise to have the electricity up and running for all homes and businesses on the state’s east coast by the end of Sunday Sept. 17.

The west coast, where Hurricane Irma caused the greatest damage, will be back online by Friday Sept. 22.

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“We are on track with our restoration efforts and we are working non-stop to meet the expectations we have given,” said FPL spokesman Bryan Garner during a press conference Thursday morning.

The only exceptions: Homes and businesses that suffered “extreme or catastrophic damage” from flooding or tornadoes. Those properties will require rebuilding before power can safely be restored, Garner said. 

As of noon Thursday, 305,510 of Miami-Dade’s 1.1 million FPL customers remained without power. In Broward, outages continue to plague 206,450 out of 933,300 customers. In Palm Beach, 156,590 out of 739,000 clients are waiting for their service to be restored.

Garner warned that just because you have power now doesn’t mean it may not go out again.

“It’s possible that in some cases, as crews restore main feeder lines, temporary outages will occur,” he said. “There are elements of the grid where we have to de-energize a line, make repairs and then bring it back online.”

Garner said FPL has a crew of 21,000 people working throughout the state to restore power, comparing the amount of equipment and personnel involved to a “military operation.”

If you have a wifi connection, you can check the status of service restoration at your property www.fplmaps.com