Hugh Hefner: Playboy, Activist and Rebel

For someone who (many would assume) lies around his mansion in a silk robe a good portion of the day, Hugh Hefner manages to stay pretty relevant.

Let’s just take a quick overview of what the 84-year-old has cooking:

a) A new “safe for work” website, Now office drones can scroll on their lunch hour without getting fired. It links to amusing videos, sex trivia as well as PG photos from the 57-year-old mag’s archives.

b) A documentary about his life: Hugh Hefner: Playboy, Activist and Rebel paints the bon vivant as most people likely never envisioned him: a defender of human rights and his impact on current events in the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s (no Miami release date yet). Hmm, who knew? Though we did give him props for salvaging the Hollywood sign — twice.

c) An intriguing ad for Stoli vodka in which the power publisher talks to him- self in a bar with the help of high-tech magic. The slogan: “Would you have a drink with you?” One of him is in his sig- nature pajamas, the alter ego in a stuffy suit and tie.

Reached at his Beverly Hills mansion, Hefner seemed slightly overwhelmed by all the action. “Goodness gracious, I’ve literally got five back-to-back interviews on the phone,” he said. “Then I have to get ready and do Larry King.”

We’re not worried; Hef’s shown his staying power.

Could be the company he keeps. “Young people keep you young,” said Hefner, who is reportedly only dating one woman at the moment, Crystal Harris. “Remaining active pays dividends.”

Like most of his galpals, Harris has appeared in the original lad’s mag. ‘‘Crystal is lovely. We have a very good relationship.”

Harris helps keep her guy in the loop: ‘‘She just bought me an iPad for my birthday so I’m Twittering.”

And he couldn’t be more happy that old chums Kendra Wilkinson and Holly Madison have parlayed their Girls Next Door fame into their own reality shows.

“I’m so tickled for them,” he gushed. ‘‘I knew from the very beginning that Kendra was a special lady. It makes me proud.”

If Hefner thinks life is going to slow down soon, he’d be wrong.

Hollywood big-wig producer Brian Grazer is reportedly working on a big- screen version of Hefner’s life; Brett Ratner would direct.

And who has the chops to handle the role?

“Robert Downey Jr. He was great in Iron Man and Chaplin. He’s got something.”


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