Miami got #Moonlit last night, here are all the emotions we felt

Cast and crew of 'Moonlight' accept the Best Picture award onstage during the 89th Annual Academy Awards at Hollywood & Highland Center on February 26, 2017 in Hollywood, California. Kevin Winter Getty Images

Hello, Merriam-Webster. We would like to present to you an alternative definition to a particular word: 
  1. When a deserving underdog comes from behind to achieve deserved recognition.

    This is precisely what happened last night when the Miami made movie “Moonlight” won the Academy Award for best picture. Obviously, this happened at the expense of a worthy opponent, “La La Land,” a critical favorite that was almost guaranteed to snag the award only to lose out in what will go down as the most infamous flub in Oscar history. Here is the series of emotions everyone in Miami felt last night. 

1. Anxiety

WHY ARE YOU TAKING SO LONG WARREN! Read the damn card! No, don’t just pass it to Faye. Can’t you READ?

2. Disappointment

“La La Land” wins. Ugh. Let’s go home.

3. Confusion

Why are all those people walking across the stage? Who is that guy with the headset? WHAT IS GOING ON?

4. Oh snap

Wait, the guy from “La La Land” just SAID that “Moonlight” won.

7. Stupified

How did this just happen?

8. Annoyance

We know, Warren. It’s not your fault. Just go away.

9. This is happening!

This indie movie made in Miami just won the Academy Award for best picture.

10. Elation

To borrow from “La La Land,” we feel kind of like we are floating through the air.

11. Well, damn

Somebody’s about to lose their job over at PriceWaterhouse Cooper.

12. Sad again

I know everyone is clapping, but this is really stealing “Moonlight’s” thunder.

13. Happy again

Let’s go party! No, really. Let’s go to bed. It’s 12:30 a.m.