How to get rid of brown spots like the celebrities do

Before Brooke Burke had a health scare with thyroid cancer, the Dancing with the Stars host talked about an issue with melasma, brown patches on the skin and hyperpigmentation.

Actress Courteney Cox has also been public about her condition. Melasma has been proven hard to treat. It’s sparked by the overproduction of melanin due to hormonal fluctuations, often associated with oral contraception and pregnancy (earning the nickname of the “pregnancy mask”). It is estimated that approximately six million women and almost one million men in the United States have it.

Luckily for us in South Florida, there’s been a recent rise in treatment options and products. Dermatologist Dr Flor Mayoral in Coral Gables is currently using PrecisionMD Dermaceutic Peel for her patients. Dermaceutic (the No. 1 peel in France) is an in-office and at home peel combination that can get rid of melasma in just about four weeks.

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