‘Housewives' hit below the Belt(way)

Get ready for more drama, cattiness and crocodile tears. Bravo is bringing its crazy popular hit franchise Real Housewives to Scandal Central: Washington, D.C. Will the nation’s capital ever be the same?

Of course, the star of the show is Michaele Salahi, the cheeky White House gatecrasher who prompted serious questions about presidential security. Other cast members are Lynda Erkiletian, a modeling agency tycoon; Catherine Ommanney, a British interior designer who made the U.K. tabloids over a kiss with Prince Harry; Mary Schmidt Amons, a mother of five and granddaughter of late TV personality Arthur Godfrey; and Stacie Scott Turner, a real estate broker for Sotheby’s.

We caught up with Turner (second from left, above) on a recent conference call:

Q: How is your show different from the others?

A: Just the backdrop of D.C. makes for a different story. Also, we have some really important, provocative conversations about issues, political issues, and other issues that haven’t been explored in the other franchises.

Q: What do you make of the Salahi incident?

A: Viewers will be so surprised to find out that the White House “party crash” is not the crescendo of the show. It is a small part of five really interesting storylines. We were all really caught off guard when the incident happened and, considering that most of us had interacted [with the couple], it was so unbelievable because they had been nothing but nice and normal.

Q: Does crashing fit Michaele’s personality?

A: I was just shocked that anybody would have the gall to crash a party like that. I couldn’t imagine, so it makes you wonder,
did they really believe they were invited? I just can’t imagine who would have the gumption to do that. Michaele is a very
friendly, lighthearted, outgoing person. She is nothing but friendly and just a social butterfly so where it might seem contrived, I think it might just be really her.


Q: Do you feel pressure being the only African American?

A: I feel so much pressure! As you know, D.C. is historically known as a chocolate city. I can only hope that I represent the African-American lifestyle well, with just being a woman, a mom and Washingtonian.

Q: What has the reaction been to the show?

A: It has been 50/50. Most of my friends thought I had lost my mind and that it was so crazy. Half of the people have been supportive, and the other half thinks I need to be careful.



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