Heidi Klum graces cover of Ocean Drive

Ocean Drive caught up with Heidi Klum, 20 years after it all began. Now, at 39, the mother of four looks better than ever. She’s been on the cover six times. “I remember going to [the] first office on Ocean Drive itself. It was just two small little rooms with magazines all over the hallway. It’s obviously come so far now after 20 years, but I was really proud to do an Ocean Drive cover. That was the magazine to be in,” she said in the article. Klum also talks her most memorable moments: Her “work with Victoria’s Secret and being a VS Angel for 13 years—that was huge for me, especially in America. Also, my cover of Sports Illustrated. I mean, 59 million readers! And my cover of French Vogue, which is one of the hardest covers to get. I was lucky to have been able to mix high (sometimes risqué) fashion with more mainstream clients.