Hedy Goldsmith uses a different (secret) ingredient

A vending machine liquid was turned into a prime ingredient at the SoBe Wine & Food Fest. Revered Pastry Chef Hedy Goldsmith of Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink used … Diet Pepsi (yes!) in her hedonistic creations. Check out the Diet Pepsi Facebook page to get Hedy’s new, soda-inspired chocolate chunk cookie recipe (salted, of course), providing a twist on a classic childhood dessert and utilizing Diet Pepsi as a key ingredient. Hey, can’t beat the weight loss angle.

The Diet Pepsi truck was not to be ignored, showing up at ‘The Q’ on Thursday, ‘Burger Bash’ on Friday, ‘The Best Thing I Ever Ate on the Beach’ on Saturday, ‘Trucks on the Beach’ on Sunday.


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