He can’t sleep until Knaus Berry Farm reopens. That day is right around the corner.

Thomas Blocher takes pictures with his cell phone of Knaus Berry Farm cinnamon rolls. CARL JUSTE

Every year around this time Thomas Blocher has the same nightmare: No cinnamon rolls on opening day at the Knaus Berry Farm.

“That’s a recurring dream that I have,” he said. “It’s the same thing; people are waiting in line and I forgot to order enough flour or the machine wasn’t working. I’m always anticipating opening up.”

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Blocher married into the Knauses – and the family business – in 1980. Generations of Knauses, including Blocher’s wife Susan, have operated the Knaus Berry Farm and bakery since brothers Ray and Russell Knaus founded it in 1956. Now a South Florida institution, the Knaus Berry Farm is famous for its cinnamon rolls, which find their way into homes year after year.

But every year the farm closes, too. It usually happens in mid-April at the end of Redland’s farming season. The farm doesn’t reopen until early November.

Some might describe the six-month period as brutal. The good news is the wait is over.

Knaus Berry Farm
These Knaus Berry Farm cinnamon rolls lure Miamians down to the Redlands.

The Knaus Berry Farm reopens to the public on Oct. 31

The Miami favorite is reopening to the public on Oct. 31 following an offseason highlighted by its inclusion in the National Culinary Heritage Register, a list that recognizes distinguished food destinations, products, processes and traditions in the United States.

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The Knaus Berry Farm will return to selling baked goods, jams, milkshakes and yes, its cinnamon rolls. But Blocher said customers will have to be patient for produce.

“We’re still trying to get stuff in the ground. We’re still planting and hope to have some stuff when we get closer to Thanksgiving,” he said.

The self-pick strawberry field should be ready in December.

Until then, Blocher hopes visitors will sip on a cup of coffee or consider bringing home a jar of honey while they wait in what he expects to be long lines.

As for those bad dreams? Blocher said he and the rest of the Knaus family will be working hard the day before opening.

“We haven’t ran our machines for six months so we want to make sure everything is OK,” Blocher said.

It’s the best he can do until the dreams return next year.


What: Knaus Berry Farm Reopening Day
When: Tuesday, Oct. 31, 2017
Hours: 8 a.m.- 5:30 p.m.
Where: 15980 SW 248th Street
Homestead, FL 33031
Phone: 305-247-0668
**Cash only**

15980 SW 248th Street Homestead, FL 33031
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