Have you seen Invader in Miami? Share your pic when you've spotted one

Invader art work at South Pointe Park on Miami Beach.

The invasion has arrived.

Starting last week and continuing throughout this month the popular street artist Invader will be pasting up his square mosaic tiles that display characters inspired from the popular 1978 video game Space Invaders throughout Miami.

No place is safe.

Not a MetroRail station in downtown. Not a park in South Beach.

And on Thursday, Aug. 23 Invader will launch a weather balloon somewhere north of Miami, equipped with a camera and a GPS, which will drift around shooting a Space Invaders silhouette against the landscape. The film will be retrieved and published in a book together with photos of Invader’s other Miami works.

In the meantime, be on the lookout for the Invader mosaics like the ones pictured below. If you find one, share it with us for a chance to win a cool prize. (We can’t tell you yet what the prize is, because, just like the street art, it’s a surprise.)

Once you have spotted a mosaic Invader, snap a photo, include the location in the text, and either email it to editor@miami.com or Tweet it to us @Miamicom using the hashtag #InvaderMiami.

Good luck out there.


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