Gulfstream bartender featured in Playboy

Racehorses and Playboy models both tend to have short careers. The horses have to hit the tracks in their prime and the ladies have to pose for the cameras before gravity sets in. At age 27, Sally Gibbs, who bartends at Gulfstream Park, thought her dream of posing in the pages of Playboy were written off. But the Wisconsin native, who has modeled professionally and worked for HDNet’s travel show Get Out!, was invited to pose in March’s “America’s Hottest Bartenders” spread.

We had a little Q & A with Sally, whose steamy pictures reveal that this filly is far from ready to be put out to pasture. 


How did the opportunity to become one of Playboy’s Sexiest Bartenders arise?
I was filming a show called Get Out!, and the co-host Cara Zavaleta and I became great friends. She was a Playmate and she asked me if I had ever done Playboy. I always thought I was a little too old for Playboy, but Cara gave me a contact who then asked me if I tended bar. When I told him that I do, he asked if I wanted to be featured in this issue.

How long have you been bartending at Gulfstream?
I moved to Hallandale in May and I thought Gulfstream would be the perfect place to meet people and I wanted to do it because it was flexible.

You have experience modeling and working on television, but is it the first time you ever take it all off for the camera?
It is. It’s so different from everything I’ve ever done. When I started at 18, everything was very high fashion. But now that I’m older, my look has evolved from a very skinny gangly shape to a more womanly figure. My family used to call me the Mantis, because I was so skinny, all arms and legs. But I have always had a checklist of things I wanted to do – I wanted to do covers, and I did them; I wanted to be on billboards, and I was on them. Being featured in the pages of Playboy is something I always wanted to do.

How was the experience of working with Playboy?
I was nervous and I dieted significantly beforehand because I’ve never had to be naked for a shoot. We shot in Chicago in a pub and it was so cold outside. They never turned the heat on inside the pub. But as soon as I took my clothes off and got in front of the cameras I got this warm fuzzy feeling. Everybody at Playboy was so nice that I never really felt uncomfortable at all.

Is being so sexy an advantage or a liability for a bartender?
When it comes to actually getting jobs, it helps. When the patrons start to put on their beer goggles it can get a little harder.

What’s your go-to line for patrons who hit on you?
I always tell them “You’re so sweet.” If they get out of control I just find one of the managers to remove them. I don’t like being mean!
What is your favorite drink to prepare?
The Nevan French martini, I love how the drink froths up. The Nevan liquor is a very undiscovered liquor with a vanilla taste. I love vanilla – you mix the Nevan in a French martini and it takes the vodka bite away from it.

What is the best tip you’ve ever gotten?
One of the guys that comes to the bar during the races, instead of giving tips he’ll go and bet on the horses for us and that’s so much fun. It’s so funny to watch these guys smacking their legs like they are jockies. Once he placed a $1 bet for me and the horse won so I got a $16 tip out of it. That  makes it so much fun.  And once I had a guy who was gambling and won when I worked at the Playboy Club and he gave me like a $500 tip.

Since you work at Gulfstream and meet people from all types of nationalities, can you tell us how South Floridians stack up as tippers?
When I think of true South Floridians I think of retirees. One day before the races we were giving away hats to members of the Gulfstream Players Clubs and this one older couple showed up an hour before the promotion even started.  I had to reiterate to them that the promotion hadn’t started yet.  South Floridians are the sweetest people in the world but as far as tipping goes it depends on the day. Some days they are good and some days they just want a free hat.

You’ve worked as a model, a TV personality, a bartender, now a Playboy model. What would you like to do next?
I love the idea of hosting my own show. I would love to be like the female version of Anthony Bourdain.


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