Gordon Ramsay eats his way through Miami, has no tantrums

Shocker: Gordon Ramsay was in Miami, and did not have one temper tantrum (at least nothing that was documented). The celeb chef was seen happily spending time eating his way around town. On Monday night, Ramsay was seen dining at Bazaar Mar and was overheard raving about the Cobia Rose Ceviche.

He tweeted: “Wow, wow, wow. Well done amigo,” to the SLS Brickell eatery’s Chef Jose Andres.

Seriously, look at that. 

On Tuesday, Scottish hothead posted on Twitter a picture of Calle Ocho with the caption: “#Miami are you up for a food challenge?? I’ll be in Little Havana near here in just under an hour!!”

Here’s hoping he had a cafecito. 

He also had a hankering for Korean BBQ, tweeting a saliva inducing pic from KYU.

Ramsay says he has “big announcement.” We’re waiting…

Lesley Abravanel contributed to this report.