Gloria Estefan graces cover of Latina's August issue

Well, look who’s on the cover of Latina. Local superstar Gloria Estefan. And she doesn’t look her age (54 if you can believe it) in the least. Her raven hair is up in a bun, her makeup flawless with rosy cheeks, smoky eyes and pale princess lips.

Gloria talked to the women’s mag about her amazing career, longtime marriage to Emilio Estefan and her upcoming TV gig as a mentor on The Next: Fame Is at Your Doorstep.

A glimpse:

On being a role model to Latinas: “Inspiring Latinas is the most beautiful side product of my career. It’s a beautiful thing to inspire somebody in some way and make them feel, ‘I can do this.’”

On her successful marriage: “We are partners in everything. Emilio has been there for me and I’ve been there for him and his growth. It’s been a great balance.”

On fame: “Forget the money and the notoriety, because you don’t take that home and put it to bed with you. What difference does it make if you have all this fame and people are clamoring for you and you’re off that stage and you’re home alone?”

Her love advice to college-bound daughter, Emily: “It’s really important that you know the person. Emilio and I were together for two years before we got married. He was my love.”

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