Get ready for a season 3 of Real Housewives of Miami

A new season of The Real Housewives of Miami is on the way — and so is a whole new way of filming it. A producer of the Bravo reality series told The Miami Herald that a third season is in the works. This time, they want to include aerial shots taken with what is essentially a drone: a small, unmanned flying device. “We’re giving it a lot of thought,” said Max Sklar, acting assistant city manager. He said it’s the first time the Beach has gotten such a request. Cooper Green — vice president of Purveyors of Pop, the company producing the new season — said the technology has been used on film sets for 15 years, and that his company has used the technology to film an upcoming series, Married to Medicine. “They’re used in the same way traditional helicopters are used — to gain B-roll shots,” Green said. “This is not a part of everyday shooting.” It is unclear who exactly will be back, and who won’t. Or if they’ll leave it just as it is. Viewers have complained the cast is too large and thus, the “plot lines” too confusing.