Gabrielle Union: I'm a huge Miami Heat fan

Gabrielle Union isn’t just a fan of Dwyane Wade, she’s actually a big follower of his sport as well. While appearing on The Queen Latifah Show Monday , she was asked by the host about her knowledge of basketball. “I know the offense, I know the defensive schemes and I know when they haven’t made proper adjustments,” said Union, who co-starred with Latifah in 2007’s The Perfect Holiday. “So I kindly offer my advice to Coach Spoelstra on occasion.” Union, in a ladylike black and white Rachel Roy dress (nope, no bump seen), added that she also screams “encouraging things” to her fiancé No. 3, and that she can get a little feisty with opposition. “I did actually yell out to DeAndre Jordan of the [Los Angeles] Clippers — sweet man, but not when he plays the Heat — that I was going to unfollow him on Instagram.”